Who We Are

The Heart of Stylers:
Yes, IT professionals do have hearts

For us, Stylers is a team, a close group of creative and conscious individuals linked together by a common purpose and dynamic vision.

To you, our valued client, we’re the answer to your problems and the fulfillment of your secret IT wishes. This means impeccable, professional informatics and always cutting edge IT solutions for all your needs.

What We Do

The style of Stylers: How we move and what we love.

Simply put we provide flexible and complete information solutions, individually tailored to every client from strategic planning to the most complex developments.

So what does this really mean for you?
When it comes to your information management goals, don’t settle for only telling us what you need. That’s important but we’re really itching to hear what you want as well. It’s always better to have your cake and eat it too. So what is it, a unique portal, the development of a new iOS or Android application, website, managed informatics or a powerful marketing campaign with ongoing management? Our team is ready to make your projects stand up and sing no matter what the system or request. And if singing isn’t your thing, if you’re project is more of the sit down and perform with precision kind of animal, we like that just as much. All that to say, with Stylers, you can have it all. Just ask our clients.

Highlighted Works

A diverse selection from our projects of the past 10 years.
Because we don’t mind shining a light on our accomplishments when it means better business and an easier life for you.

OPRAH WINFREY & DEEPAK CHOPRA - Meditation Challange
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Creation of a measurement software for ground level stations
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21 Meditation Experience
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Pepsi Challenge
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Sziget Festival
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Deepak Chopra - What Are You Hungry For?
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Our Partners

Because we value our clients as partners, we face challenges and celebrate our accomplishments together. We are here to help with every aspect along the way, from strategic planning through execution to results evaluation and ongoing support.

Contact us

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