About Stylers

We are a team

The main strength of Stylers lies in teamwork. Most of us have been working together for as long as ten years, and the founders of our company have even been roommates during university. We understand each other perfectly, and thus work together with utmost efficiency for the success of both one another and our clients.

We create systems

We not only think in systems, we create systems. During the operation of our company and our projects, we consciously strive to provide the most appropriate framework for realization. Be it IT development, sales support or a simple microsite, we always find the best solution.

We find solutions

Our three divisions assure our ability to provide complex IT-related solutions. Be it online marketing, web portals, mobile applications or company management systems - our team always finds a solution.


The Face of Stylers

Working side by side with each other and with our clients for over 10 years.

Gábor Gönczy

CEO / Co-Founder

Péter Tiszavölgyi

CTO / Co - Founder

Gábor Laczkó

CFO / Co - Founder

Our Story

Where it all began

In 2004, Péter Tiszavölgyi, Gàbor Laczkò and Gàbor Gönczy joined forces to create Stylers Web Design Studio. What would one day grow to become a vibrant international IT firm was born in room 103 of Martos Flòra College at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. And not long after we met our first client there.

And they grew up…

It didn’t take long for us to outgrow our humble room at college. Both our client roster and our in-house team were expanding quickly. So we rented our first space which gave us plenty of room for everyone in the company to thrive. 

United States here we come!

“Hey Stylers, there’s a call coming in for you…it’s the New World, and they don’t want to hold.”

Through sheer determination, hard work and a vision for the future, Stylers Management Group opened its first international office in New York. This afforded us the position to meet new challenges for a host of clients and the opportunity to engage with a diverse set of needs in the US marketplace. 

ISO Certification

It’s of great importance to us to consider consciously, both the consistency of our workflow and our environmental awareness. So in 2011 we obtained both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certification.

Heading West: A new home in Silicon Valley

New opportunities began to present themselves within US markets even while in-house resources continued to grow. This really opened the door for us to engage a whole new set of customers with a host of information management needs. It was definitely the right moment to head out west, so we packed up and left one coast for another. We said a very warm goodbye to the Big Apple and settled down in San Diego.

Stylers tries on a new suit

In 2013 we moved our Hungarian office to a new location. Resting on the first floor of 1133 Budapest Gogol Street 26, this strategic relocation helped us to expand; but more than this it allowed us to provide a far superior experience for our clients and their requests all in a comfortable environment complete with a dedicated relaxation room. 

Stylers Turns Ten!

We celebrated our tenth birthday by throwing a huge party for our team, our partners and our families. We even gave ourselves a gift, a complete strategic branding overhaul. It was an important time for us to take stock in all that we have overcome and accomplished together and recognize the value which we’ve been able to give to our many clients over the years. 

Life in Office