It has been more than five years since we received our first order from the United States, but the team will never forget the excitement we got then.

We knew that entirely new horizons would be opening before our company that extend past immediate material gain. We also knew that we would learn a lot from the project, and that we could fulfil the requests of such an enormous company that one can only work with in the rarest cases domestically. During the initial development of the Facebook application, we received new requests one after another, and so we made the new site for the Chopra Center, and built the relevant social channels as well.

Beyond web development we made IT developments, mobile applications and web shops for our clients and we also actively took part in the online promotion of these projects. We built efficient systems for the marketing of premium services, and we prepared the connecting sites for the seven figure traffic that only the largest Hungarian news sites have.

Our success can be perceived most obviously in the fact that we still constantly work together, and that they also rely on our strategic planning advice beside the execution of complex developments.