Talk-A-Bot is a large-scale, internationally recognized chatbot service provider whose products originally started as conventional chatbots. However, the company now offers easily adaptable solutions for all pressing issues related to corporate internal communication.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company Talk-A-Bot provided their internal communication tool called CHEQ, which is fully GDPR-compliant and can be integrated with any online service or database, free of charge. The purpose was to contribute to the business continuity stability of companies. CHEQ facilitates internal communication and information flow within organizations by connecting company management, the HR department, and employees through messaging and file-sharing features. It includes the ability to send encrypted documents to individuals, such as monthly payroll or annual income statements, as well as quickly conduct internal mood and public opinion surveys. In addition to being a modern and user-friendly tool, CHEQ supports company management in evaluating the impacts and situations resulting from unexpected or time-sensitive decisions (such as change management or crisis events) through its instant analytics capabilities.

The task during the project was to create a cross-platform application with a high level of information security protection, which will be offered as a white-label product. This means that any company will be able to customize their solutions according to their needs.


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