By developing the website, we could make the management and administration process of nursing homes easier within the USA.
Their main request was to have a system through which they could precisely keep count of their inhabitants’ whereabouts. This was important for two reasons. First, they wanted to provide information for the relatives. Second, they wanted to be able to communicate with ambulances and align the patient transportation – they needed to know whether the transportation task was solvable with inside resources or if they needed to ask a patient transportation company to help.

Before the website, this process was circumstantial.They used Excel for administration, which was time-consuming and hardly retrievable for the workers.  We also created React native Android and iOS application for the system, a big step, so the system could be used from mobile with all of its functions.

During this project, we used Scrum methodology and the Product Owner was our partner from the USA. Fortunately, we could work together effectively and the time difference was not a problem. During the course of brainstorming, we created a detailed backlog and extended their concept with a new function – a request for quotation from patient transportation companies. This made our partner’s administration process easier.

For the implementation of this project, we used Laravel framework with React.js frontend. Considering that the system handles sensitive data, we placed great emphasis on its safety and code quality (SonarQube).

After the successful completion of the project, we proudly delivered a system which is a great help and relief to the workers, inhabitants and relatives.


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