Although moderate success had been forecasted to this year’s Black Friday sales, owing to the uncertain economic situation, it has become loud and clear by now that the rapid growth of e-commerce has saved the holiday period of 2020. In fact, it is consumer habits that have changed altogether. The main difference? The attitude of consumers. The vast majority of them have become a lot more conscious. On the one hand, they compare prices and regularly monitor the supply of online storesOn the other hand, they are also seeking unique shopping experiences.

“The Black Friday and adjacent holiday shopping season play an important role from a commercial point of view. Hence, online stores must do their best to please consumers. It is high time to adopt technology for creative and experience-based solutions, as there are more virtually-accessible shops, where clothes can be tried on by uploading photos. Nonetheless, in all probability, voice-based, AI-run virtual assistants will support our purchases while shop-assistants will be replaced by avatars in the digital space. Moreover, sustainability presents itself as an increasingly important consumer need.Many consumers prefer salespeople who use environmentally-friendly packaging or participate in environmental campaigns. ” 

Gábor Gönczy, Stylers Group CEO

In the United States, consumers spent $7.4 billion in 2019 and it seems that, in spite of the global pandemic, experts have forecasted a 25% higher expenditure for this year’s holiday season. One thing seems to be sure: this year’s Black Friday will be quite extraordinary due to the unprecedented interest in online sales, where consumers increasingly expect the same standard of service as in real stores. 

Sustainability and consumers’ opinions

Most consumers want to get an authentic experience when purchasing a product.  Moreover, in case of queries, they expect prompt answers. They also show preference toward the availability of safe payment and delivery opportunities. That is why it is inevitable for online stores to provide the highest possible standard of customer experience and adopt innovative technological solutions for this purpose. By implementing these concepts, online stores can bring about a huge competitive edge in upcoming years in the fight for customers.

During the holiday commercial season, online stores are exposed to tremendous pressure. Despite this being a salesperson’s dream, this situation entails numerous dangers and margins of error. If an online store is too slow, a server crashes, or the mobile purchase does not run smoothly, they may easily end up with a loss of customers.

Four tips how to develop your online store:

Nothing can be done without a test

In the fierce struggle of promotional days and page load times, steady and smooth-running purchases play an important role in shaping consumer decisions. If an online store fails to meet these expectations, it will surely lose some of its customers. It is worth exposing your online store to stress tests and head to the holiday season with endorsed IT support.

Out to mobile 

On average, half of customers use mobile tools for purchasing, so it is virtually mandatory to have a transparent online store, that’s fast, convenient, and optimized for mobile. Additionally, it may be worth considering mobile applications’ potential for promoting offers. In this area, Instagram is the ultimate weapon: bombard interested customers with photographic gift catalogues and special offers, of course, in a well-targeted way.

The key is simplicity

It may seem commonplace, but much can depend on smoothly guiding your customers through each purchasing stage.. Not only will your customers spend more money, but there is also a greater likelihood for them to return. In addition to logical, transparent steps, also keep an eye on the rate of discounts, the clarity and correctness of the exact sums, and the indication of total savings at checkout, before finalising the order. 

Straight to the goal

It is appropriate to provide such options on each page where even one click can lead to a direct  order, thus shortening the purchase path. Opportunity should be given for the preferred payment method, as well as the secure storage of bank card details, so regular customers do not need to deal with this hassle. Never let go of the interested customer who abandons a cart;  keep sending automatic emails and additional offers.