When developing business portals, we believe that understanding the business itself is paramount. With a deep understanding of the business’s needs, along with our extensive experience, we can offer effective guidance from planning to execution and maintenance.

As we plan and develop larger systems, our approach is to quickly reach a minimum viable product(MVP, We aim to move into production as soon as possible so users can get to know the product at the earliest opportunity. Then, we utilize user feedback to optimize and re-build.

We also adjust our working methods according to the project. For smaller projects, we use the Waterfall model and, for larger projects, our work is based on agile methodology such as scrum and kanban. As for technologies, we prefer Angular2 and React for front-end development and Node.js, PHP, Python, and Java for back-end development, depending on the project’s needs. During the course of developing front-end surfaces, we aspire to the perfect unity of form and content because we are aware of its importance to your users. For back-end surfaces and continuous maintenance, we place a high priority on security and the transparency of source code. Because quality assurance is also important to us, we write automated tests to continuously improve projects.

High-Traffic Business Portals

Today, the biggest web development challenge is not creating a website to a server, but finding solutions that can cope with millions of simultaneous page views. The key is to separate the databases by function and use multiple cloud-based servers. To sustain business portals with high viewership, we use Amazon Web Services, which is capable of distributing the load amongst multiple servers. This way, we can provide the optimal functioning and speed of websites, independent of the load.

When using multiple servers, the load is distributed by balancers between the webfleets and database replicants. This method allows websites – with millions of simultaneous page views –  to function seamlessly. Amazon Web Services also allows us to stretch the system to eternity depending on the load. Moreover, this process is automatic, which means the business portals are capable of optimal functioning under both heavy and unsteady loads. Furthermore, they can automatically use the exact amount of resources and server hours that is needed for smooth functioning.

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