We were among the first in the country to start developing iOS and Android mobile applications, gaining significant experience in this rapidly evolving field. We have developed mobile applications for mid-sized and large corporations, startups, and agencies, both for iOS and Android platforms.

We use React Native, Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, and Swift programming languages to create applications. Our applications are developed using the agile software development approach and the SCRUM methodology, ensuring our efficiency. We develop native mobile applications that go beyond exciting ideas. We can assist you in the concept development process, ensuring that the resulting application is not only visually stunning and entertaining for users but also effectively supports your company’s marketing and business goals.

We place great emphasis on supporting the mobile applications we create. We always optimize the applications for the most common iOS and Android versions, paying attention to user statistics. At Stylers, mobile development is done using the ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development) approach, where we develop and test individual features of Android applications separately for quality assurance purposes.

With native iOS and Android applications, we can take advantage of all the features that Android smartphones offer beyond a website’s mobile-optimized version, such as contact management or camera control, for example. While cross-platform solutions may be faster to create, native applications can fully utilize device resources and hardware functions, significantly enhancing the user experience.

We keep up with the latest software versions and support older Android and Apple devices, including Apple and Android Watches, as well as Apple TV. Our development process doesn’t end with delivery; we provide continuous support to our clients and optimize our applications based on statistics.

Our years of experience in iOS and Android development and successful international projects guarantee that our mobile applications will help you achieve success.

We think in terms of complex solutions, so we pay special attention to ensuring that the data generated by the applications we create is accessible and usable across the company’s other communication channels.

Our Colleagues are real professionals.