Project Description

Ayurvedic Daily Tips is a free health and lifestyle marketing application. It suggests daily tips and articles based on the Dosha type of the user.

There are paid features within the application, but its primary objective is to reach the masses, who can eventually be placed into the sales funnel.

The application was unique in multiple ways. Since this was our first app, it was only developed for mobile. The app is available via Android and iOS, which are supported by a microsite where users can manage their subscriptions. The main challenge came from the fact that the two platforms are vastly different with separate payment systems –  our back-end needed to support both simultaneously. When implementing the payment solutions, we prepared for multiple scenarios, which made development fairly complex. Content service is provided by the RESTful API and can be managed in the admin panel.

Technologies used:  PHP, MySQL, iOS, Android, IAP – In-App Purchase, Subscription, CodeIgniter, RESTful API, Feed, Authorize.NET, PayPal

Available: Google Play, iOS, Web

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