Project Description

hvg360 is the subscription-based online news magazine of HVG, a well-known Hungarian economic and political magazine. hvg360 offers exclusive content, which is created specifically for this platform. Subscribers can also search HVG’s archive as well as articles from other HVG print publications.

During this project, our task was to develop the front-end for this platform and compile the relevant Google tender dossier. The back-end was supplied by HVG’s internal development team through an API and the UI/UX was designed by a third company –  both components provided a solid foundation for our front-end development.

During development, we relied on Vue.js framework and Typescript. The latter helped us create an easily-manageable system. We also looked at this combination as a challenge because we didn’t have the possibility to work with them simultaneously before. We achieved a SEO-friendly website with the help of server-side rendering and placed strong emphasis on automated testing for the sake of quality assurance.

The uniqueness of this project was to cooperate with the inside developer group of HVG on a daily basis – the regular communication has largely contributed to the effective teamwork and the harmony between the back-end and front-end. To manage the constantly changing client demands, we leaned on agile methodology, which also made building and maintaining our relationship with our partner much easier. 

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What our clients are saying

“We are working with Stylers Group on the web software of the hvg360 subscription platform. There is a good atmosphere when working together on the project. We know them as an independent and professionally excellent team who adapts quickly to our changing business and technology needs.”

Kékesi Zsuzsa & Tinnyei István, Head of Digital & Head of Product Development – HVG