Project Description

The Kft. entrusted us with the full development of in the summer of 2017. The main goal of this website is to become the compass of the labour market – which means that they want to pass real and useful information about the companies to its users. This portal is Hungary’s second-largest job search social website (after LinkedIn).

First, we worked together on this website with a partner. Later, this project was relocated under the exclusive competence of Stylers, based on our client’s request. During the course of this project, we could find challenges in both the backend and frontend development and our work lasted from site-build to maintenance. I’ve task that was particularly challenging was preparing the portal for the GDPR regulation of EU in 2018.

We really liked this project because the Profession not only entrusted us with the implementation, but they included us even during the planning process.

Considering the urgent tasks and the complex nature of this project, we chose Kanban and Scrum methodologies.



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What our clients are saying

“In 2017, we entrusted Stylers Group with the development of Profession’s products, and now we have many years of successful collaboration. We are very satisfied with them, they support our successful development projects with their creative ideas and accurate communication.”

Havas Ferenc, - Project Management Office Leader (PMO)