Project Description Kft. contacted us in early 2016 and asked us to develop a native mobile application for one of their products.

The aim of this app is to be the compass of the labour market and provide users real information about companies that are interested in them.

We started the development with a needs assessment, UX planning, and design, from which we made a prototype in a very short amount of time. With design, we had to follow the business’s existing requirements, which helped our work.

During development, we placed strong emphasis on automated testing for the sake of shortening the testing process and saving more time for software development. The use of the ATDD (Acceptance Driven Development) required us to write tests before developing any feature.

The application was ready by the given deadline and our work met the requirements of our client. Furthermore, we are currently working on introducing some new features. 

Available: Google Play

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What our clients are saying

“In 2017, we entrusted Stylers Group with the development of Profession’s products, and now we have many years of successful collaboration. We are very satisfied with them, they support our successful development projects with their creative ideas and accurate communication.”

Havas Ferenc, - Project Management Office Leader (PMO)