Project Description

We took over the online store of Régikö at the end of 2017.Since then, we have been developing and maintaining the website.

Our first task was to understand and optimize the code of this uniquely-developed webstore. In previous years, it was developed by several developers with different conceptions. When we got the project, it was filled with many different ideas. First, we needed to clean the code in behalf of transparency and functionality.

In addition to maintenance, we created several new functions as well. The maintenance of the webstore also means continuous work. We follow the list of our client’s requests during development, including planting the product imports from into the website and using new solutions to manage categories and coupons. Furthermore, we introduced an uncommon auction function which provides the possibility of bidding for books. These unique functions were the main reason they chose a personalized (rather than off-the-shelf) solution for the development of the online store.



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