The ProTechtor Meetup event dates back to a few years of tradition, and was organised for the third time this year, with the joint organisation of Stylers Group and the Braining Hub. ProTechtor has always inspired its participants to expand their capabilities; during its last event, which was held online, we had the chance to learn from great experts who have gained a wide range of experience in leadership.

We indulged in revealing the secrets of modern management, with such extraordinary lecturers as: 

  • Dénes Kemény, the former water polo player and Master coach of the Hungarian national team
  • Ákos Peer, the Head of the Digital and Project Portfolio Division of ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Corporation
  • Gábor Nádai, the Manager of Bitrise Engineering 
  • Imre Porkoláb, an expert on military capabilities development and innovation strategies

What does it take to convert an idea into reality, a concept into a functional product? How does a military leader make a decision at the sharp end? How does a new generation IT leader motivate his colleagues? How does a master coach lead their team to the Olympic Finals? These topics were discussed among several others during the interactive event hosted by Gábor Laczkó (Stylers Group, Braining Hub) where even our guests could have a say in the course of the dialogues and lectures with their queries.

The most important conclusion of the event? Effective leadership has rules that cannot only be learnt and developed, but can also be exploited anywhere else. The path of becoming a successful leader was long and instructive for all four lecturers. As they confessed it, having proper self-awareness and choosing the ideal “companions” was the first step. They all agreed that leadership is an independent profession, which requires consciousness and humbleness beyond practical experience; all the same, it is vital to find the balance between authoritarian and hands-off leadership styles.

While listening to the lectures, it also became obvious that chemistry cannot be neglected. For a team to have success, it must have the right composition , members must be on the same wavelength, and trust must form between members. Similarly, the leader should convert “little victories” into a common resource for the team, or possibly mitigate the friction arising from a generation gap.

Today, leaders are facing new kinds of challenges, as the global pandemic puts pressure on digitalization, which brings about faster changes in most sectors, yet most organisations are unprepared. Having a conscious strategy, a sure vision, constant leadership presence, commitment, and communication are the key traits for preserving the competitiveness of a company.

Because of the event’s high demand, we will try to more frequently organise professional online events that are similar to ProTechtor. The next event will take place on October 29th, where participants can get familiar with a new success story: Ákos Gábossy, who entered American show business when his company was just  spreading its wings.