Since founding Stylers Group in 2004, we have developed unique software, particularly with respect to web-based applications.

We offer solutions to meet your specific needs and develop complex systems (ERPs, CRMs intranets extranets, etc.) that support your daily administration and marketing tasks.

We adjust our working methods according to the project. For smaller projects, we use the Waterfall model and, for larger projects, our work is based on agile methodology including Scrum andKanban. As for technologies, we adapt to our client’s demands. We use Java, Python, PHP and Node.js programming languages combined with our knowledge about several databases including MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, and MSSQL.

With these systems, a shutdown can be very costly for a website owner . That is why sufficient server environments and automated testing is so important. We think that it’s more efficient and profitable if the IT systems adjust to the company’s  functions, rather than the compromises of open-source and canned solutions.

We develop complex software with fully documented, standard API output between the parts for data synchronization. This ensures that the back-end data can be portrayed on any front-end.  

The standardized API outputs ensure that our complex systems can be available to a third party and be connected by any external application. An additional benefit of these complex systems is that it’s enough to modify at the center of synchronization if necessary., We don’t need to make changes at each input point when we want to forward data to a new, external system.



Phone: +1 (917) 655-9949

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Because we don’t mind shining a light on our accomplishments when it means better business and an easier life for you.

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