Our first e-commerce business event for the ProTechtor series took place January 2021, with the purpose of introducing more events to come. Walmart Labs Site Leader and San Diego Tech Hub Founder, Claude Jones, presented as our guest speaker.

Read our highlights and thoughts from his presentation below.

San Diego Tech Hub Founder, Claude Jones

During his presentation, Claude introduced the extremely diverse e-commerce industry by examining a case study, of the evolution of the customer experience. He provided insight into the new generation of Walmart’s e-commerce developments and creative solutions and addressed the current trends while outlining the path leading to recent success.

His presentation had three main parts: the evolution of technology, the evolution of Walmart, and the evolution of the shopping experience. During the technological overview, major achievements were highlighted, including the widespread availability of the Internet, as well as how we consume movies and listen to music – starting from cassettes, through VHS, and all the way up to streaming providers. He also briefly outlined the foundation of the Walmart retail company and introduced the success of their business model, to which a unique customer experience contributed to a great deal of the company’s success.

We learned more about Walmart Global Tech’s main areas – Customer Technology, Merchant Technology, Supply Chain Technology, and Global Analytics – as well as their most important business and technology developments from previous years. The inevitable conclusion drawn by the case study is that time and energy can be saved with modern e-commerce solutions. Indeed, as mentioned by Claude, consumers spend an average of approximately 60 hours shopping annually. Thus customer experience, product availability, shipping and exploiting the possibilities of data analyses, are indispensable.

Our subsequent Q&A session contained questions regarding deliveries made by drones or self-driving cars, store solutions, customer feedback, and testing new technologies. If you wish to listen to Claude’s answers and watch the whole session, we encourage you to watch the video below:

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