At Stylers, we believe that digital transformation is our path to the future. That’s why, over the past several years, we’ve hosted many events and published much digital content discussing this topic at length. 

Our aim is to support the domestic, mid-sized and large companies even more intensively, to create a digital strategy that provides them with continuous innovation and adaptation – not only from technological but also organisational or cultural point of view.

This spring, we conducted joint research with the Braining Hub Training Centre.  Our aim was to provide a clearer picture for the domestic business sector about the current status of the Hungarian market within the digital transformation process.

“The continuously changing unprecedented pace of today’s business environment does not only require the adaption of the latest technologies on behalf of the companies but also the uninterrupted organisational and cultural renewal. 

This is where the role of leaders steps in. 

We seem to have the pleasure of being exposed to international impulses through our American subsidiary, and we are trying to adopt these best practices – not just for the sake of our own development, but we also tend to share them with our clients.” 

– Gönczy Gábor, CEO)

In the article below, we write about the initial steps to be considered if you wish to create a new digital strategy for your company.

The Customer in the limelight

It is of vital importance that, during your projects, the attention must be shifted from the product to the customer, and you should initiate cooperation on the grounds of this perspective. Companies that have the best understanding of their clients while supporting their demands and needs will prove to be much more successful with digital transformation.

Organisational structure being reimaged

Digital transformation demands transparency and an organisational structure that can adapt to changes. Eliminate barriers and involve more team members in creating the new digital vision.

The key role of leaders

A transformational leader feels committed to his company and helps the teams feel safe, even in the course of rapid change.

Technological decisions

Effective decisions on digital transformation cannot be made in a vacuum. That is why it is essential for you to involve as many IT experts as possible in the processes dealing with technological investments. This way, a joint decision can be made in favour of the best options.

Re-enforcement of feedback culture

Digital transformation plays a huge role in shaping the general well-being and psychological security of team members. Strive to ask for as much feedback as you can, give room for direct communication, and introduce quality technological innovations to further enhance the experience of collaboration.

Data security and privacy 

One of the biggest concerns of clients and customers is that their data is not secured safely. Hence, whenever you renew digital transformation processes and systems, priority should be given to data security during your decision-making.

Customized solutions

Today, consumers are seeking individual,customized services. Use digital solutions promote the understanding of consumers and offer them customized recommendations.


If you feel the need for further tips and guidance, turn to us with confidence.

We are glad to offer you our help in targeted, complex services so you can find the most ideal solution for your company.