Stylers Group has been developing custom software, mainly web-based solutions, since 2004.

We find solutions for your specific needs and develop unique and complex systems that effectively support daily business or marketing tasks. Whether it’s an extranet, ERP, CRM, or multiple system solutions, we’ve got you covered.

For smaller projects, we prefer the waterfall model, while for larger projects, we work with our clients using the agile Scrum and Kanban methodologies.

Regarding technology, we use Java, Python, PHP, and Node.js programming languages and have knowledge of various databases such as MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, and MSSQL, among others, depending on the requirements.

These systems can cause a lot of costs if they experience downtime, which is why we consider it important to create the appropriate server environment and automated testing processes.

We believe that it is much more effective and cost-efficient for IT systems to adapt to a company’s operations rather than compromise with boxed or open-source solutions.

We develop complex software with detailed, standardized API outputs between each component, allowing data synchronization from a backend to any frontend. The standardized API outputs ensure that our complex systems are accessible to third parties, making it possible to connect them with any external application. The benefit of designing complex systems is that modification is only necessary at the central synchronization point, such as when we want to transmit data to a new external system. We do not need to make changes to all input points.

Our Colleagues are real professionals.